Introducing: 1st Birthday Newness!

Introducing: 1st Birthday Newness!

Fact: Time flies when you start a business and have a baby in the same year. That is exactly what we did in 2016 and are celebrating it with a 1 year in business birthday bash! As a jewelry designer first, and a business woman second, I of course want to launch new product on a constant basis, however, that is a hard thing to do when it is a one woman show. I was craving some newness and decided to launch a few new pieces to celebrate 1 year in business.

The Warrior Earrings

These earrings were actually designed with the first round of sketches I did for the Prairie Fire Collection back in September 2015.  I have been saving this design and now they are my new favorite earring. Named the Warrior earrings for a couple of reasons. The design and motif is inspired by ancient jewelry, global patterns, and in all honestly, my husband and I just binged watched Game of Thrones and Warrior seemed like a fitting name for these bad ass earrings.

The Sun Child Earrings

The Sun Child Earrings are a modern statement and are inspired by an abstract sun rise on the horizon. No patterns or stones, just simple, large, and easy to wear.

The Gypsy Earrings

Pearls and I have an interesting relationship. They are usually too traditional for me but I designed these earrings while playing around on my jewelry bench and looking at vintage Bohemian fashion and modern art. These pearl earrings can be worn as a single or a pair. Non traditional pearls. Available in white, rose, and purple freshwater pearls.

The Easy Rider Ring

When my Great Aunt would visit Kansas, she always wore a golden horseshoe ring with diamonds in it. This Aunt of mine was also an avid gambler and wore it while she was playing slots in Vegas.  It brought her luck and is a piece I will remember her by.  I have always wanted a horse shoe I designed a horse shoe ring. May the Easy Rider Ring bring you easy travels and good luck wherever you need it.

Sunset Earrings

This style isn't new but we have added two new gemstones to the line up that are perfect colors for the summer.  Carnelian and Chrysoprase make their debut with our 1 year birthday celebration.


We love a good party and are having a birthday bash at The Coveted Home on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City on Saturday, May 20th! See below for more details!

We hope to see your beautiful face at The Coveted Home!

Peace and Love,