I have mentioned before in my introduction post that I have been obsessed with rocks since I was a little kid. I would compare my 'rock hound' nerdy'ness to a child who loves dinosaurs and can recite facts and names of each dino as they are presented. (No offense if your child is like this. I can relate) 

I even had a pet rock named 'Dennis Rockman'. (Any Chicago Bulls fan out there?)

This is literally gravel from our dirt roads...Just fascinating. 

This is literally gravel from our dirt roads...Just fascinating. 

My love for rocks and gems has stuck with me since I was a wee babe. On vacations I would bring home rocks in my suitecase, when I lived in my first house I created rock art in my garden, and in college, I wrote this on a friends Facebook wall. 

I did not throw rocks at my husband when we got married FYI. I threw love and some horrible dance moves at him instead. 

I did not throw rocks at my husband when we got married FYI. I threw love and some horrible dance moves at him instead. 

I believe that giving stones as gifts is completely acceptable and I do it often. But how much more special would that gifted stone be if it had a deeper meaning rather than just a pretty color? Recently I have become more interested in the healing properties and energy behind the stones I love to gift as well as the ones I buy for myself. I am especially interested in the stones that I use in my jewelry collections. 

I reached out to Garnet Greibel Booth of Gigi Moon Jewelry. Garnet is a fellow jewelry designer located in Kansas City.  Gigi, as her friends like to call her, is a knowledgeable gem wiz and her jewelry line features ethically sourced stones and chakra healing jewelry.  She has spent years studying the healing properties of stones and was fascinating to sit down over a cup of coffee and chat with! 

Garnet dropped some major knowledge on me! 

Garnet dropped some major knowledge on me! 

We talked about how there is a ton of information on gemstones out there and it can be quite daunting when you start your research. Her best advice to me was to do some reading, digest it, and let the stones speak to you! She also has a very handy Gemstone Healing Properties Glossary on her website. Click ---> Here to start educating yourself and check out Gigi's jewelry!

After our conservation and doing a little research on my own here are some of the benefits of the stones in the Sierra Winter Jewelry Collections.  



A favorite stone here at Sierra Winter Jewelry, Turquoise, is a stone of calm energy. It helps promote confidence with words and promotes good luck when traveling. Oh, and a steamy plus about this beautiful stone, it can stimulate romantic love (oh baby!) 


Fact: Diamonds are a girls best friend! They also promote courage and create a sense of positive self value. Diamonds represent faithfulness, love, and inspire creativity and ingenuity. 

One of the things Garnet told me while we were chatting is that black stones ward off bad energy. Welp folks, evil eyes do this too. Our Evil Eye Necklaces with Black Diamonds are a double whammy for warding off that bad juju. 


Rubies and Sapphire are stones of love, passion, and promote joy. Sapphires are known as a stone of wisdom while Rubies can aid with obtaining wealth and self esteem. They both help with depression and elevate good mood. 


Opals are our stone of the 2017. Stay tuned for some new pieces using this beautiful stone coming out later this year. I have always been in love with opals and feel like they are stones of magic! I am kind of right about this. Opals heighten our intuition and are on of the best stones for good luck! Wearing them brings loyalty, faithfulness and spontineiy.  

I am far from an expert on all of this, but I really love Garnet's advice of letting the stones speak to you.  Find your own reasons for being drawn to specific stones. When you feel like you need courage, warding off the negative, or missing something in your life, do some research and surround yourself with stones that might help you! When you gift jewelry, rocks, or just decide to treat yourself, look for the deeper meaning and it will make your gift that much more special!


Peace, Love, and Rocks,