Introducing: The Winter Rose Collection

Introducing: The Winter Rose Collection 

Our newest jewels and some visual inspiration behind them. 

It's hard to believe that Sierra Winter Jewelry and the Prairie Fire Collection launched less than seven months ago. Sure, I made business plans and set goals for this year but launching a second collection this year was not in the plans. It just kind of happened. Meaning, I don't sit still well and once I start designing, I cant stop. I wanted to bring some newness to Sierra Winter Jewelry for the end of the year and the holiday season. The Winter Rose Collection features new metals and gemstones, more delicate pieces, and everyday wearable pieces.  

We hope you love that new new. 



After rainstorms, I used to go out into the plowed fields with my dad and grandpa and look for arrowheads and other artifacts in the recently disrupted soil. 


Named the sunset earring because the colors of these precious gemstones are often found in both the prairie and desert sunsets. Choice of Genuine Turquoise, Pink Sapphire, Ethiopian Opal, Amethyst, Lapis, Pyrite, and Black Hypersthene. 


The Tucson Necklace is inspired by my annual trips to the southwest for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. The gem show is usually the first couple weeks of February when Kansas is literally frozen. Heading south every year to visit that desert sun feels so good.  


Named the Primrose Necklace after one of our favorite flowers that blooms during the spring and summer. You can find the primrose in the prairie and desert. When you catch it in the evening light it seems to glow with a beautiful yellow or pink color.  

This necklace is handcrafted in India using a polki cut diamond and 14K gold. The diamond is a slice that is faceted around the outsides and backed with silver foil to reflect the light. Now available in yellow and rose gold. 


The Evil Eye is a symbol ingrained in me by my Italian Aunt. The evil eye acts as a good luck symbol warding off negativity, jealousy, and misfortune. Eyes have always been a source of inspiration for me for as long as I can remember.


The Dust Devil Ring is a dainty statement when layered or simple and everyday when worn solo. The pattern on this ring is inspired by the wild west, dreamy rugs, and other global patterns. These have become an everyday staple on my fingers.  


These beauties hug your earlobe ever so sweetly while providing the right about of edginess. Named the Mariposa Earrings because of their subtle resemblance to butterflies and the fluttering motion they make when worn. #lobelovers


Handmade rosary wrap bracelet with faceted Ruby. Pink is not generally a color we flock towards around here but this ruby was too beautiful to pass up. 

Evil Eye- A symbol ingrained in me by my Italian aunt. The evil eye acts as a good luck symbol warding off negativity, jealously, and misfortune. 

Crescent Moon- Because we like crescent moons around here. Can you tell? 

Arrowhead- Reminiscent of searching for arrowheads in plowed fields after the rainstorms in Kansas.


The Winter Ranch Earrings are named after the ranch I grew up on. A place where imagination and creativity could run wild. I credit this place for my artistic and free spirited side. 

The design for these earrings came from fence posts, cattle pens, and railroad ties. 

Peace and Love,